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Mursheed Shekh

“Children with Special Needs”

When I heard these words as a teacher, I was surprised. Surprising because those whom we call special. They are considered to be the most useless in the societyBut the current education system, which is based on an integrated education system, ie to provide education to children with different types of different needs together. So that no child considers himself different from normal children. Get equal opportunity, respect for living in the societyThe name given by our honorable Prime Minister to a special or disabled person is more respectable than every name so far known as “Divyang”. Yes, Divyang means divine is the part of whichThis is a very accurate word, whenever a person is handicapped in any part, God definitely bestows him with some divinity. We just have to make that person aware of the hidden potential in that blind person. Great poet Surdas, musician Ravindra Jain ji and administrative officer Pranjal ji are the source of inspiration for such blind people. Similarly, if a person is handicapped, then we should boost his spirits. have to increaseMake him realize that he has the same potential as a normal person just not to let his morale down.

People like Arunima Sinha, Suhas Alvai, are inspirational names who overcome every obstacle of disability and achieve their destination. It is said that “the power of a man lies in his soul and the soul is never disabled”. Therefore, the life of a person does not end just because of some disorder in the body. The names which I have written above are all famous names which we all have know.But there are some hidden heroes around us whose courage is a matter of pride for all of us.That is to say, wherever you meet a child with a disability, you may want to meet him for a few moments, do not waste those moments in showing sympathy for that child, but try that those few moments are golden moments for that child. Should establish a dialogue with him, ask about his dreams and ifHe is feeling himself expected because of his disability and if someone is afraid to dream, then encourage himParents, family, neighbours, teachers, relatives are all such a link that can instill in a disabled person the courage to dream and can even break his wings of courageYou have to decide whether you want to give morale wings to someone or make him feel that he is disabled and cannot do anything now. If you want to be someone’s encouragement then you are welcome. I want to tell you from my experience how you become someone’s encouragement.

“I would like to share my personal experience with all of you. I am a teacher with disability. I have polio on one leg which makes it difficult for me to walk. Once I was coming from the market. A 12 year old boy saw me walking. Told his mother to go and talk to meThe lady (who was herself a teacher, her name was Mrs. Urmila Pal) came running to me from the crowd and stopped me and asked about my disability. After listening to my whole story, she said that my sister is also suffering from polio, she got one from Rotary Club. A caliper has been made, with the help of which she is now able to walk easilySeeing you, my son said that mother should also tell didi about the caliper so that she can also walk easily. I kept looking at that child after listening to her. I had great respect for that child and his mother. Happened.I went to the Rotary Club and got myself calipers made, which reduced my walking problems to a great extent and boosted my morale.” You saw how positive a change happened in my life with just one dialogue. My heartfelt salute to those unknown diamonds of my life. After this, I helped many people by taking them to Rotary Club and I have not left one end of that “link of goodness” led by Urmila didi There must have been some or the other moment in all of you life too when you have become a “disabled person”. So let’s make this “a chain of courage” of ours.

From Murshid’s pen



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