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Founder’s Message

We are one teacher one call

Meet the founder of One Teacher One Call – Deepmala Pandey. Born in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, India in a middle class family, working as a principal in Government school, one day decided to take the matters in her own hands , with only one intention, help special children achieve what they truly deserve.

Deepmala says – I was never in comfort zone, I have a nice government job, set duties, set time, good salary, but something was missing. Indian government have so many schemes and resources for special children, also, there is abundance of social schemes and facilities, however ground work is still needed (Lack of awareness) to get to rural India. I had two options , “wait for change or change it myself”

Deepmala is a housewife, a mother, a house maker and a teacher and it’s not been an easy journey, but with support from fellow teachers and supporters, the mountainous task of getting more than 600 special children’s admission to school was possible.

In this world of digital marketing, where Facebook, internet are necessities in urban life, rural India is still word of mouth and door to door approach, Deepmala said atleast one call has to be made by all teachers to see if they can find a special child in need of support and education, and a moment was born “One teacher one call.”


As per 2011 Indian population census , more than 2 million children were recorded blind in India.

There are multiple resources available for special children from Indian Government, however there is a need for society to understand of what resources are available, how to use them and shower some kindness on these special children. If given an opportunity and correct guidance, these special kids can also learn like normal kids and get admission to school like normal children and live life normally. People are everyday getting aware of the government schemes available for these children, however more effort is needed to spread the awareness.


Deepmala took this initiative across state, jurisdictions and suburbs and made sure every school had atleast 1 such special child.


Deepmala with this movement was able to get more than 600 children with special needs get admission to normal schools.


Deepmala’s effort was recognised by none other than India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his speech to the nation in Sep 2021.

and the Journey Continues....

Deepmala spent almost 3 years educating a special child named “Anmol” who is now been able to study in a normal school with normal children because of this effort. Anmol has speech disability and has different learning capacity.

Deepmala also trained more than 400 teachers on how to bring special children up to speed for better education and the tremendous effort has given fantastic results.


Deepmala Says – We need volunteers, supporters and kind hearted souls.


Be a volunteer, be a special child educator, be a support by spreading awareness, join as a School who would like to support special children. You can be anyone, every one counts and every support will be appreciated


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