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Regular exercise is important for the physical and mental well-being of children. When your child has a disability, it can sometimes be challenging to find ways to keep them active. Perhaps their physical ability is impaired or they have a learning disability, which impacts on their understanding and behaviour. However, there are lots of easy activities for special needs children and in this blog, OneTeacherOneCall will share these with you.


If you’re looking for activities for your child with special needs, then swimming is a great place to start. Swimming is an inclusive activity that can help build core strength and coordination. The water can provide a feeling of weightlessness and can soothe and relax children. One of the great things about going swimming is it’s inclusive. It’s something that the entire family can do together, whether it’s in a paddling pool outside, at your local swimming pool or at local pond. It can be difficult to find inclusive activities when you have a child with special needs. This is something that all children enjoy regardless of their age or abilities. Swimming is an important life skill that can save lives

Now not every child with special needs will be able to learn how to swim or basic water safety, but if your child can, it is a vital skill to have. It teaches a life saving skill that can protect your child from the dangers of water. Children with autism are prone to having a fascination with water and according to the National Autistic Association, sadly drowning is one of the leading causes of death for children with autism. If your child can learn to swim, teach them!

Swimming is great exercise

Swimming is without a doubt fantastic exercise and something that can be done throughout the year. It can help build muscle strength as it uses practically every muscle group in the body. Swimming is ideal for children who need physical support as water helps to support muscles.

The water can help to relax their muscles and increase flexibility. This can also help to reduce any discomfort or pain they might be experiencing.

Swimming is good for your mental health

Swimming is without a doubt good for your mental health. It can provide a calming experience for people with special needs and it’s also lots of fun! Swimming is said to help improve symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. It can also help to build confidence.

Deepmala Pandey



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